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Our mission statement is ‘The Orval of America’.  Not because I want to replicate Orval with a me-too Belgian knock-off, but because I cannot think of another brewery with as much integrity and focus instilled into their beer.  Orval is incredibly unique, available only in bottled form, and includes wild yeast.  I intend to borrow these three distinctions and add American creativity and ingredients to develop a distinctly NW beer with the subtlety of a world classic (such as Orval).  I am religious much in the manner of other Oregonians; our church is the abundant nature and wild places of our state, our creed is sustainability in both relationships and ingredients.

Next, the actual nuts and bolts of getting this thing underway, which in an abbreviated list form looks like this:
1.  Small-scale brewing to determine product flavor profile and necessary processes
2.  Build an old world brewery around this developed process, utilizing oak barrels for fermentation, storage, and aging.  Build a small yet modern laboratory to monitor and document product quality.  Brew Sahalie, package her in bottles and develop a sales and marketing strategy to get our product to our Oregon customers: through our very own ‘Dispensery’ (our version of an ‘ale apothecary’).
3.  Once we’ve proved that our product is meeting customer expectations and investor profitability (that’s right, this is a sales pitch!), we may begin the process of building a modern artisanal brewery in Bend.  This brewery’s purpose will be to elevate Sahalie to the highest degree possible, both as beer as well as a piece of contemporary brewing art.  My hope is that our brewery will draw visitors from around the state, country, and perhaps the world, bringing beer culture and their tourism dollars with them which will benefit our entire community.

However, if item #2 is as authentic and real as I think it could be, I might not go any further than that!


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