Monthly Archives: June 2011

incubation & an expressive fontanelle

The wooden ship now an egg (farm fresh!).
Many things are going on outside the egg, but I can only see the inside of the shell (I am the egg!).

As an artist, I enjoy the incubation period (the place where ideas are born) quite a bit in the beginning, but then I get impatient.  Ready for the ‘voila’ moment, the intense freedom of ‘eureka!’ or just the simple satisfaction that the muse has arrived.  From the moment I’ve begun this process of developing my definition for what beer can be, I’ve seen the Good Lady arrive and depart, arrive and depart.  She always comes back, but, just like a good human, I worry that she might not.  I suppose you could say she tests my faith, if you were so inclined (I am actually reclined at the moment).
SHE CAME BACK!  I don’t expect you to get as excited as me.  Please, just think of Staci and how she doesn’t have to listen to me reciting exactly how I’m going to make this beer, step by step, one more time.  I’ve got other fish to fry.  I’ve got to contradict myself!

I always enjoyed how Edward Abbey contradicted himself.  I can do it to.  In fact, what the muse said to me was:

a)  You’re CRAZY!
b)  You think outside the box!
c)   Why are you just making one beer, you fool??

And not only is she right, she speaks for beer, for creation.  It’s true, but trying to create the best beer in the world while starting a business (that deals in alcohol) and supporting your family with no income can be stressful.  Believe me.  But, as a good human might, I’m doing this for YOU.  Well, not entirely, but you are really important.  I want this to be good, really good, for both of us.  Then we’ll keep doing it and, well, you get the picture.  Needless to say, I have decided to pursue this wonderful beer as a cost of doing business, as a cost of being me.  It’s just the way it is.  I have also decided to pursue as many beers as I can that lie outside of style guidelines.  What does that mean??  I have no idea.  Just wait until the TTB gives me the legal right to brew, OLCC approves my relationships with the TTB and the County, after the County gets their big fat check, when the fire department knows my business and home won’t burn down on their watch, when the DEQ or the County Soils Department decides who can tell me what to do with my effluent and I pay my taxes, IT’S ON.