Referral List

Lots of positivity and encouragement goes a long way when developing a business, so as a public ‘Thank You’ and record of the personal relationships that are making this brewery function, here are many who have helped me along the way already.  It’s only just begun!  This list compiles everyone that are taking an active part in developing the vision…it wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of everyone listed below.

If anyone wants contact information for your project, please let me know!
Gayle Goschie, Goschie Family Farms
Allison Leach, Deschutes Brewery
Eric Anderson, Norse Construction
Mike Bentz, Myco Excavation
Ken Stilwell, Kenneth Stilwell Plumbing
Jeff Frink, Bend Machine
Mark Porteous, Power Source Electrical
Cassondra Schindler, Herself
Aaron Bell, Domain Drouhin
Terry Skjeersa, Neighbor & Duke Warner Real Estate
Jeff Van Dyke, Stainless Steel
K.E. Vahholde, Skyliners Citizen #1
Dan Walker, Neighbor & Tractor Forklift Meistro
Hunter Dahlberg, Orion Forge
Wayne Schatz, Big Schatz Concrete
BC, BC Mechanical
David Logsdon, Logsdon Farmhouse Ales
Marsha Neihart, Family History and Future
Patti & Buzz Arney, Savvy Business Sages
Pat McNeil, McNeil & Sons.
Omar Ansari, Surly Brewing Company
George Peney, Graffiti
Tony Lawerence, Boneyard Brewery
Veronica Vega, Deschutes Brewery
James Meskill, Deschutes Brewery
Jake Harper, Deschutes Brewery
Nate Kirschner & Ben Ipsen, Accomplice Creative
Kendyl Hanning, Cascade Insurance Center
Jon Harrang, Oregon Department of Agriculture
Judy Helton, Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau
Harv Hillis, Deschutes Brewery
Wade Kincade, Bend Heating
Kyle Stanley, Himself
Scott Bellefeuille, Mountain View Heating
Eric Nyquist, Tye Engineering
Wendy Winetrob, Glow Medicine
Lisa Petersen, Deschutes County Permit Technician
Kyle Setzer, Central Oregon Garage Door
Sarah Fischer, Graphic Designer
Andrew Davis, Argyle Winery
John Davidson, Walnut City Wineworks
Kelly Vineyard Drywall
Bonnie Pearce, OnPoint Community Credit Union
John Short, Neighbor & Water Rights Services
Carlos Perez, Perez Design
Micheal Lundeen, Walnut City Wineworks
Roger Putnam, Brewer & Distiller International
Seth Greenzwig, Low Energy Systems
Matt Beckerdite, American Stainless Pumps
Jon Newton, Balston Technical Controls
Neal Sanders, Waukesha Pumps
Paul DeVito, DEQ
Kevin Harrison, Deschutes County Planning Dept.
Will Groves, Deschutes County Planning Dept.
David Pedersen, Deschutes County Building Dept.
Alicia Mann, OLCC
Randy Sheid, Deschutes County Building Dept.
Todd Cleveland, Deschutes County Soils Division
Josh Paris, Richards’ Packaging
Patrick Bak, Brewcraft
JR Litehiser, Elitecrete Concrete Systems
Marnellie Bishop, Label One Connect
Chad Yakobson, Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project
Dean Wise, Below Grade Brewing Company
Mark Henion, Ninkasi Brewing Company
Anders Johansen, Dolmen Distillery
Larry Medina, Bend Fire Department
Rich Wagner, Colonial Brewing Historian
Rick DeFerrari, Oregon Barrelworks
Jeromy Craig, Metzger/McGuire
Leonie Marsh, All Points FPS
Owen Lingley, Wyeast
Teri Farhendorf, Country Malt Group
George Pinny, Artist

The Internet

More To Come.


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2 responses to “Referral List

  • Paul

    Thanks for the list. Some I know and buy from,others I don’t but if I need anything they do or sell.I will give them a call.Remember to keep me in the loop on your Brewery and brews.
    Best of luck and I’m ready to buy when you get to that point

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