Mental Gymnastics or Multi-tasking??

Lots of false summits lately; I’m reminded of the two construction projects I undertook as ‘Amateur General Contractor’ prior to building this brewery.
One was a major remodel of our little house in town where we turned an early ’70’s house into a functional piece of art.  We thought it was to be our happy home for many years to come, so we put all sorts of effort into details.  As it worked out, we discovered this property in the mountains above Bend just as we finished our remodel.  I think we lived in the completed project for just a few months prior to moving out…to a cabin with no running water.  We’d sold our house at the peak of the construction boom, but we also bought this property during this time.  We had enough money to construct our house, but not enough to provide rent during construction.  So we spent 10 months, through the biggest snow winter we’ve seen here, living as our forefathers did.  Well, we had internet service (and an outhouse).  Anyway, when we built our current house, I fell for many of the same mental traps I laid for myself on our remodel.  Assuming that the project would take a certain amount of time, scheduling when we’d move back in, etc.  Once again, for the third time, I am falling for these traps!  I’m attributing it to the power of positive thinking, but it does take a bit of a toll when you find yourself way behind schedule.  Currently, I’ve got my 2 brand new 400L Oregon oak barrels sitting outside, along with plenty other equipment, as I have yet to complete the floor of the brewery.  I thought the floor would take 3-4 days…it’s going to take more like 3-4 weeks!  The result is going to be worth it, so I’ve given up worrying about it.  I won’t even tell you when I think it’s going to be ready (even though I tell myself multiple times a day).  My stainless bottling tanks and kettle are still taking up space at Bend Machine, and Jeff has been quite accepting of my promises to move them out (even though I haven’t yet).  I received my official brewers’ notice from the TTB last week, which was the last legal hurdle, so as we complete the final plumbing and electrical, move the kettle and tanks and barrels in, we’ll be able to legally begin brewing.  Our website and label design are coming along and I’m going to place my equipment order later this week…I just have to find someplace to store all that stuff until I can move it in to the brewery!


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