Historical Photos

My great-grandfather in his Coulee City drugstore, early 1900's.

My dad in the 1970's on opening day of The Prescription Shoppe.

Actual scripts for beer that my great-grandfather filled for his customers during prohibition.

My great-grandfathers mortar & pestle, made by Coors. During prohibition, brewers had to find other means for income, and Coors made ceramics, like this.

My grandfather and friends outside his dad's shop in Coulee City.

Another shot of Charles B Neihart in his store.

My grandfather in a promotional image for another pharmacy in the 1940's.

My grandfather carrying a block of ice back to the drugstore. Before refrigeration was common, they'd use ice blocks covered with sawdust. Often they'd get the ice from lakes frozen over in the winter. It looks too warm to be winter in this photo!

My grandfather in Neihart Drug in the 1950's.

Main Street, Coulee City in the early 1900's. Neihart Drug is on left.

My grandfather's opium license from 1940.

Neihart Drug operated Washington State's first state liquor outlet. Here my grandfather sports a classic moustache, standing in front of his liquor supply.

My grandfathers' prophylactic license, circa 1950.

Another shot of my grandfather, outside of Neihart Drug in the 1940's.

Early 1900's rhubarb bottle from Neihart Drug.

My great grandfather's hip book of medical conditions and appropriate medications. Circa 1906.

Sloan's Liniment was evidently good for humans as well as horses.

Aloe bottle from the turn of the century (1900)

Cactus bottle from the early 1900's


4 responses to “Historical Photos

  • Jeff Schauland

    Love it! After reading “A History of Saison” by Yvan De Baets I get where you are going (at least I think…). The locality of the brewing, keeping everything within the family and land (or, in your case, region), and having a sustainable system is historically how it was. The recipe only changed because of the availability and quality of the ingredients. Fantastic concept. Hopefully, you can get started on it soon. There are so many Saisonniers waiting to try it. (how is that for cheesy!!?)

  • John

    Nice work. Lots of old photos, nice job to the peeps for keeping all that stuff around for so long.

  • Samuel F. Taschereau

    John Joplin posted a link to these photos in the facebook group “You’re probably from Coulee City if…” yesterday. I have added three of them to my blog post, http://cousinsam.blogspot.com/2011/11/main-street-500-block.html, with links to your website. I would be interested in more information on your family that might be suitable for my family history blog. Paul was well-liked and respected by many of us who grew up in Coulee City. C. B. was before my time; and I have not kept up with the town as much as I might wish since the 70’s.

  • Charlotte Neihart Carstensen

    Loved the photos! My Dad, Charles R., also worked the drug store as a teenager particularly when your grandfather, Paul, was in college. I recently mailed some updated genealogy pages to your Dad – I have lots of pictures from both the Mundinger and Neihart sides along with a family history story in my Dad’s words. Let me know if you want a copy – we can send it to you on a flash drive. Some of the family history has been tracked back to the 1640’s.

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